Bargarh, a district on the western border of Odisha, was initially a subdivision of Sambalpur districtuntil it gained independence on April 1, 1993. Previously, the region was part of the Chauhan states, which succumbed to British Imperialism in 1849. The district’s formation was part of the reorganization of Orissa into 30 districts between 1992 and 1994, with Bargarh holding 33.29% of the total area of undivided Sambalpur district. Named after its headquarters town, Bargarh lies on the left bank of the Jira River.

Geography and Demographics:

Bargarh District is situated between 20°43′ to 21°41′ north latitude and 82°39′ to 83°58′ east longitude. It shares borders with Chhattisgarh to the north, Sambalpur District to the east, Balangir and Subarnapur to the south, and Nuapada District to the west.

Historical Significance:

Originally known as Baghar Kota, it later became Bargarh during the time of Balaram Dev, the first Chouhan Raja of Sambalpur. The area has historical roots dating back to the 11th century AD, marked by the construction of a protective fort.

Area and Proximity:

The district spans 5831.57 and is strategically located at the westernmost corner of Odisha, with notable proximity to Chhattisgarh.

Agriculture in Bargarh District:Agriculture serves as the economic backbone of Bargarh District, with a predominant focus on crop cultivation. Natural drainage facilities in the district plain contribute to the successful growth of diverse agricultural products, and the region is notably free from insects and pests.

Educational Landscape:Bargarh District boasts several educational institutions, including Pharmacy College Barpali, Vikash Junior College, Sri SriNrusinghanath Ayurvedic College Paikmal, Panchayat College Bargarh, Larambha College, Bargarh Law College, Anchal College Padampur, Attabira College, and Padmashree Krutartha Acharya College of Engineering Bargarh.

Festivals and Cultural Richness:Throughout the year, Bargarh District celebrates various festivals, contributing to its cultural vibrancy. Notable celebrations include Nuakhai, Dhanuyatra, Maha Shivratri of Kedarnath, NrusinghaChaturdarshi, Sitalasasthi, Viswakarma Puja, Bali Yatra of Khuntapali, Baisakh Mela of Nrusinghanath, and Falguna Mela of Bhatli.

Prominent Personalities:Bargarh District has been the birthplace of several noteworthy individuals, including Parbati Giri, Padmashree Krutartha Acharya, Padmashree Kunjabihari Meher, Surendra Meher, and Manabodh Rana.


  • Area:5,837 Sq.kms
  • Population:14,81,255
  • Language:Odia
  • Literate:9,83,783
  • Male:7,49,161
  • Female:7,32,094

Public Representatives

List of Member of parliaments of the District

Sl.NoConstituency NameName of MPPhoto
11-BargarhShri Suresh Pujari

List of Member of Legislative Assembly of the District

Sl.NoConstituency NameName of MLAPhoto
101-PadampurSmt. Barsha Singh Bariha
202-BijepurSmt. Rita Sahu
303-BargarhShri Debesh Acharya
404-Attabira (SC)Ms. Snehangini Chhuria
505-BhatliShri Susanta Singh

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