Being a doctor is one of the noblest professions. Pledged to serve the poor and needy selflessly since his school days, this man chose the profession of a doctor to heal the sick and save lives. He was a messiah for the villagers as he changed the perception of a doctor in the minds of the tribal people. His dedication and service to the humanity was exemplary. Posted in a hilly, tribal area with no basic amenities, no normal doctor under any such circumstances would have worked for 24 hours, but this man proved himself to be of great service by trekking mountainous roads, and by carrying patients to the nearest health care centre on his own. He is an angel to the tribals of southern Odisha.

This extraordinary person is Dr Omkar Hota. After pursuing MBBS from a Private medical College, he joined Government services and was posted in Poplur, a tribal dominated area in Malkangiri district, with a majority of the population belonging to Bonda, Dumba and Konda tribes. Dr. Hota with all his efforts was able to break the myths of black magic medication and could create awareness about health and hygiene among the malnourished and malaria affected people. There were instances when he carried patients on a cot, for around 10 km on foot, to hospitals for better treatment.

Dr Omkar Hota’s efforts and dedications did not go unnoticed. The Chief Minister of Odisha felicitated him and the administration has conferred him with the best medical service award. “Such recognition motivates you, but I know mine is a profession of sacrifice,” he says.

A remarkable Odia film “Daman” was made, inspired by his professional journey which is also going to be released in Hindi as a remake. Dr Hota is happy that he would be an inspiration for the new doctors to serve in the remote areas.

VARINDIA is proud to honour this messiah as its Crown Jewels of Odisha.

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