Situated along the Odisha coast, Balasore, initially part of ancient Kalinga, became a separate district in October 1828, transitioning from Bengal presidency.

Geography and Demographics:Encompassing 3634 sq kms, Balasore hosts a population of 23,17,419 (2011). Positioned between 20.48 to 21.59 N Latitude and 86.16 to 87.29 E Longitude, it shares borders with West Bengal, the Bay of Bengal, Bhadrak District, and Mayurbhanj and Kendujhar Districts. The male population in 2001 was 11,84,371, with 11,33,048 females.

Climate and Rainfall:Balasore experiences a hot, humid climate, with May as the hottest month and December as the coolest. Monsoon arrives by June 14, contributing to an annual rainfall of 1568.4 mm, with 75% occurring from June to December.

Subdivisions and Economy:The district comprises two subdivisions – Balasore and Nilagiri. With 12 Tahasils for 12 Blocks, Balasore is the economic hub. The economy revolves around agriculture, industries, fishing, and tourism.

Industries:Birla Tyres, Balasore Alloys Limited, Emami Paper Mills Limited, and Polar Pharma India Limited are major industrial players in the district.

Agriculture:As an agrarian economy, Balasore focuses on cultivating paddy and developing hybrid seeds. Land reform programs aim to boost economic stability.

Education:Education plays a crucial role, with primary and secondary schools offering English and Odia medium instruction. Higher education institutions include degree colleges, law colleges, and engineering schools. Fakir Mohan University, situated in Balasore town, is a prominent educational institution.

Notable Personalities:Renowned figures from Balasore include Fakir Mohan Senapati (Vyasa Kabi), social worker Laxmi Narayana Sahu, poet Radhanath Ray, and freedom fighter Bagha Jatin.

Culture and Festivals:Balasore celebrates various festivals such as Durga Puja, Siva Ratri, Raja Parva, Makar Sankranti, Kali Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Car festival, and Dola Purnima. The traditional game Akhada is a highlight during Durga Puja and Moharrum.

Tourist Attractions:The district boasts beautiful sea beaches like Chandipur, Talasari, Chawmukh, and Kashaphal. Temples like Panchalingeswar, Khirochora Gopinath, Langaleswar, Laxmannath, Chandaneswar, and Maninageswar attract both local and national tourists.


Parameter                                          Value

Area                                                      3634 sq kms

Population (2011)                                23,17,419

Latitude                                               20.48 to 21.59 N

Longitude                                            86.16 to 87.29 E

Male Population (2001)                      11,84,371

Female Population (2001)                  11,33,048

Annual Rainfall                                   1568.4 mm

Major Industries                                 Birla Tyres, Balasore Alloys Ltd., Emami Paper Mills Ltd., Polar Pharma India Ltd.


This district consists of two subdivisions namely Balasore and Nilagiri. There are 12 Tahasils for 12 Blocks of the district. Balasore is the main town of the district and is also its centre of economic growth. The primary occupation of people in the district is cultivation. This district is mainly known for cultivation of paddy. Because rice is the staple cereal of the local people. Hybrid varieties of seeds are being developed and land reform programs are being planned for the maximum usage of the wastelands, promising to enhance the district’s economic stability in the near future. Industries, Agriculture, Fishing and Tourism are the four major revenue sources of Balasore District. Birla Tyres, Balasore Alloys Limited, Emami Paper Mills Limited and Polar Pharma India Limited are some of the large–scale industries functioning in this district.

Public Representatives

List of Members of Parliament of the District

Sl. No.Constituency nameNamePhoto
16- BalasorePratap Chandra Sarangi

List of Members of Legislative Assembly of the District

Sl. No.Constituency NameNamePhoto
1035-JaleswarShri Aswini Kumar Patra
2036-BhograiShri Ananta Das
3037-BastaShri Nityananda Sahoo
4038-BalasoreSwarup Kumar Das
5039-RemunaShri Sudhansu Sekhar Parida
6040-NilgiriShri Sukanta Kumar Nayak
7041-SoroShri Parsuram Dhada
8042-SimuliaShri Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi

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