As a child he keenly observed his grandfather making medicines from herbs. He moved around, smelt, touched and experienced those herbal products. His grandfather, Pandit Kaviraj Jadunath was central in igniting his interest and works in Ayurveda and other alternative herbal medicinal systems.

Dr Abhay Kumar Pati, born and bred in Basantapur, Balasore district, had taken a giant step towards spreading the importance of Ayurveda among Americans, through his international journal entitled, Health World. Dr. Abhay Kumar Pati, an Ayurvedic physician as well as entrepreneur, studied both Ayurvedic and Western integrated medicines in Kolkata. He has been living in the USA for over the past 40 years. Dr. Pati is an author of over half a dozen books on nutrition, Ayurveda, herbs, medicinal plants and alternative health sciences. He believes that 75% of our health problems can be cured and prevented with the right nutritional supplements alongside improved eating habits and lifestyles.

As an Oriya entrepreneur, Dr. Pati’s focus is on the modernization of the Ayurvedic and herbal industries to bring about the best in them into people’s lives as well as markets. Thus, he founded Biotechayur Pvt Limited at his native place of Sergarh Balasore. It is a biotechnology-based biopharmaceutical, a manufacturer of Ayurvedic, herbal, medicinal plant extracts and phytochemical products, for realizing their best market values and reaping their fruits in Research and Development. It is dedicated to establishing itself as a pioneer in preparing new phytoceuticals.

His love for Ayurveda, India and Odisha is highly commendable. To recognize his efforts and original ventures, VARINDIA is proud to address him as a bright pearl in the Crown Jewels of Odisha.

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