In a state like Odisha which is talent rich but resource hungry, providing professional education to over 30,000 students from all over India and 55 other countries across the globe, is an arduous task. Uplifting the lives of tribal indigenous children by providing them free education, providing a safe home alongside a life of dignity for over 70,000 students is not a small feat.

The man who once resolved “without being learned, just acting upon my sixth sense, I have dedicated my life to educate the children. No child should be deprived of education – that’s the objective of my life.” –lived up to his words by dedicating an indefatigable effort in this direction.

This extraordinary figure is Mr Achyuta Samanta.

Mr Achyuta Samanta was not among those privileged children who are blessed with endless care and comfort, rather he spent his childhood struggling for food, education and proper means of survival. Leading a unique and unparalleled life Mr Samanta started his career as an academician, and later he was able to establish the most prestigious institutes namely KIIT, KISS which established their own identity. With a belief that education empowers and has a power to transform, he developed his institutes into world class organisations with global repute and outreach.

Honoured with the membership of various national and international bodies Mr Samanta has been conferred various awards and got his name registered in the Limca Book of Records as the Youngest Chancellor of Any University in India. A single man who dreamt of a vision far beyond anyone’s imagination, continues to transform several young lives.

We at VARINDIA are proud to feature him as a precious jewel in the Crown Jewels of Odisha.

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