Laccmi Bus Becomes Mukhya Mantri Bus Seva: A New Look and Name

Colour Change and Rebranding

The popular Laccmi bus service in Odisha has undergone a significant transformation. Reports on Tuesday confirmed that the buses, originally green, have now been painted orange. Along with the color change, the name has also been altered from Laccmi Bus to Mukhya Mantri Bus Seva, which translates to Chief Minister Bus Service.

New Appearance for Rath Yatra

At the Dhenkanal Bus Stand, the buses now sport a bright orange color. The traditional ‘Shankha’ (conch) symbol has been removed. In the initial phase, eight buses were repainted for the eight blocks in the district. This change is timed with the world-famous Rath Yatra, ensuring the buses are ready for the event.

Continuity Amid Government Change

There was widespread speculation about the fate of the bus service following a change in government. However, Transportation Minister Bibhuti Bhusan Jena assured the public that the service would continue under the new name, Mukhya Mantri Bus Seva.

Origins and Purpose of LAccMI Bus Service

The LAccMI (Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative) bus service was launched by the previous BJD government. It aimed to connect the state’s remote areas, starting with Malkangiri, to reduce financial burdens on tribal communities. The service has been crucial for the residents, providing affordable transportation across the state.

Public Opinion and Future Expectations

Despite the changes, the community’s primary concern is the continuation of the service. Many passengers have expressed that the name change is inconsequential compared to the service’s benefits. They hope the new government will not only maintain the current offerings but also introduce additional facilities to improve public welfare.

Maintaining Affordability and Accessibility

Passengers have praised the Laccmi bus service for its affordability and reliability. They appreciate that the service continues to offer low-cost travel options and reaches various destinations safely and efficiently. The new Mukhya Mantri Bus Seva is expected to uphold these standards and continue serving the community effectively.

The rebranding of Laccmi bus to Mukhya Mantri Bus Seva marks a new chapter in Odisha’s public transportation. While the appearance and name have changed, the core mission of providing accessible and affordable transportation remains. The public eagerly anticipates how the new administration will enhance and expand this vital service.

(With inputs from agencies)

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