Born in Titlagarh, he established himself as the Father of India’s InformationTechnology (IT) revolution. He was the mastermind behind the etablishment of the Indian information industry, with the objective of extending digital telecommunications to every corner of the country, including remote villages.The man who did not own a telephone before turning 22, worked to make telephones available to people even in the remotest corners of India.

He is Satya Narayan Gangaram Pitroda, popularly known as Sam Pitroda. He is a Gujarati by descent and a staunt follower of Gandhiji. After a postgraduation in Physics, he moved to America. Thereafter he set off to becoming a technology giant and now, with over 100 technology patents, he is involved in several start ups. He also started several businesses. Besides these, having spent more than 55 years in telecom developments, Pitroda is an internationally renowned tech developer, policymaker, and inventor. He has contributed significantly to the Indian telecommunication sector, serving in different key positions and heading various organisations, like National Knowledge Commission of India, and National Innovation Council.

He spent nearly a decade with former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, spearheading the efforts in building an Indian information industry, and served as the Advisor to the Prime Minister on technology missions related to water, literacy, immunization, oil seeds, telecom, and dairy. He is also the founding chairman of India’s Telecom

Mr Pitroda is also a philanthropist, and chairs major NGOs associated with promoting Ayurveda, through The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology near Bangalore. His food bank network works to empower and support the food security mission in India.

Mr Sam Pitroda has bagged several prestigious awards of both national and international repute. VARINDIA is pleased to feature this brilliant personality in its list of Crown Jewels of Odisha special edition.

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