“Roti, Kapda aur Makan” constitute the three essentials of our lives and even among these, roti leads the way as a hungry stomach can neither pursue kapda,
nor makan. This man, being long acquainted with hunger, rose up to meet this most essential requirement of society, by becoming a tall spice merchant from
a struggling turmeric processor. His basic education started off out in the open, childhood spent in helping his father run their tiny five-seater eatery. His journey from beneath the rubbles of hardships to unimaginable heights, was to say the least, unforgettable and exemplary. This eventful journey from being a struggling turmeric processor to a tall spice giant earning dividends worth INR 250 crores and employing over a thousand people, followed a simple philosophy all along: “Hard work, honesty and no compromise on quality.”

Sarat Kumar Sahoo is the man behind the most common household name ‘RUCHI’, a name inspiring trust and selling more than 48 varieties of spices. Challenges only grew when at just twenty-six he took his first step towards becoming an entrepreneur. He worked in a spice store in Calcutta to earn his capital. Initially, he used to carry his products on bullock carts to nearby districts of Cuttack and sell them. But his will power and tenacity stood victorious over all hardships, and today, Ruchi manufactures around 300 products including flour, noodles, 48 varieties of spices, and several other items. Its products are sold through 200 dealers in Odisha and more than 40 super stockers all over the country.

Orissa being a cyclone-prone state, no natural or material cyclone could hold him back, rather, every blow only strengthened his resolve to move forward. His subconscious motto of life would perhaps be, the sky is the limit.

He is the pride, precious jewels on the Crown of Odisha. VARINDIA salutes this entrepreneur.

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