With the motto “Happy Farmers= Happy Cows = Best Milk!” a mission turned into a revolution which registered around 70,000 farmers and since long reaches 3
lakh households every day. Eradicating the erstwhile practise of milk outsourcing and eliminating the middlemen involved, this man ensured financial security to thousands of farmers. His organisation ensured right price each time to farmers and best quality milk products to consumers.

Mr. Srikumar Misra, born and bred in Cuttack, became the first entrepreneur in his family, the founder and Chairman of Milk Mantra. At only eight, he survived the blows of losing his father and the series of emotional and financial hurdles that ensued.

However, times did change when he found a lucrative job based in London, following hard earned degrees of MBA from St. Xaviers Institute of Management-
Bhubaneswar, and mechanical engineering from Pune University. Mr Srikumar gave the proof of his dynamic mind by quitting a comfy job to return to his homeland, Odisha and start his own venture, that too at a time when Odisha was just beginning to witness successful start-ups. His company Milk Mantra is a new-generation, tech enabled platform empowering the Indian dairy and agricultural sector, and enabled livelihoods at a massive scale with a sustained ability to provide regular and stable incomes to framers.

Mr Srikumar Misra has been bestowed with several awards at national and international importance including, the Frost & Sullivan Awards, Product of the
Year Award for Moo shake, Emerging Business Leader Award, and Most innovative Companies of 2020 in India.

VARINDIA takes the opportunity to honour him as a Crown jewels of Odisha for his remarkable contribution to farmers, the agro-dairy sector and the community at large.

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