He claims himself to be a ‘businessman by accident’. He learned to swim by throwing himself into the sea, and managed to safely swim ashore from his sheer faith in the human ability and a spirit for adventures. Starting a business with a loan of 2 lakhs and a couple of trawlers, this man established himself as one of the business icons of India. His is a tale of victory that will inspire millions.

Mr. Tara Ranjan Patnaik, born at Anandpur, comes from a family of lawyers, and is the fourth of eight siblings. Having crossed an uneven path of education, in 1973 he moved to Cuttack and took admission at Law College to become a lawyer like everyone in his family, but destiny had other plans for him. He strayed into business persuaded by a friend. Though his first venture was a huge loss, he did not lose hope. His strong will, hard work and continuous efforts shaped him into a great business man with abundant experiences.

Starting afresh, Mr. Tara opted for the business of procuring prawns directly from cultivators and supplying them to the exporters. Gradually, this business reached new heights, with the name ‘Falcon Marine Exports.’ Presently his company earns over 500 Cr turn over, providing employment to more than 5000 farmers. Though Mr Tara is running three companies, as of now his focus is solely on seafood. With his magic mantra ‘work hard with honesty’ he is working to reach the top of the line among the exporters of seafood in Asia.

Today Tara Ranjan Patnaik is a name to reckon with internationally as a top marine products exporter in the country. Odisha is proud to have such a brilliant self-made son, and with immense pleasure, VARINDIA features him as a shining Crown Jewels of Odisha.

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