A visionary, with leadership quality garnered lot of attention in the business world. His entrepreneurial abilities chartered him global acclaim. He has given a new sense of direction, instilled urgency and above all, has made skill development as something aspirational in the eyes of everyone. He has led the creation of a brand called Skilled-in-Odisha. Under his stewardship, the Government ITIs have become a vibrant and proud institution.

He is Subroto Bagchi who managed to uphold the light of knowledge, education and management skills in society, spreading it across globally acclaimed organizations and corporate bodies. Bagchi has made Odisha a sandbox for innovation in creating the “Nano-Unicorn” programme under which skilled youth are matched with philanthropic capital to start small businesses instead of becoming job seekers.Bagchi took up the additional responsibility of Odisha Government’s Chief Spokesperson to align the 45 million people to fight against Covid. His skill management abilities helped Odisha to become one of the successful state to handle the pandemic smoothly. As a philanthropic initiative he donated over 345 crores to establish a Cancer Hospital in Odisha – a remarkable contribution to Odisha and its people.

He led an arduous and eventful journey, working with different organisations at different levels, he has cofounded one of the biggest organisations of global repute and presence the “Mind Tree”, ending up being invited by the Chief Minister of Odisha to take up the full-time responsibilities of Chairman, Odisha Skill Development Authority. Presently, he empowers 1.5 million youth by providing them with skill upgradation, mostly school dropouts, a full-time assignment in the rank of a Cabinet Minister, at the salary of INR 1 per annum.

We at VARINDIA give out our heartfelt thanks to this eminent personality for his contributions to humanity through his own exemplary life and dedicated
contributions to society, as a priceless jewel in its special edition the Crown Jewels of Odisha.

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