Odissi is an ancient Indian classical dance that originated in the temples of Odisha and was performed predominantly by women. But a boy of five in the western part of Odisha was so fascinated and mesmerized by this dance form, that he put on anklets, and learned his first dance steps from guru Shantanu Behera, flowering into full bloom under the mentorship of guru Kumkum Mohanty. Also, he worked greatly on guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra’s Odissi style, the Kelu Charan gharana. He learned all fundamentals and postures of Odissi with great enthusiasm and dedication. Starting his expedition from the native place of Titlagarh, he is the only male dancer to have performed in front of the famous Eifel Tower of Paris.

He is none other than Saswat Joshi, the world famous Odissi dancer and choreographer. With a desire to internationalize Odissi, he travelled far and wide, performing in several European and Asian countries. Dreaming of picking and nurturing new talents, he founded an institution with a special focus on realizing the artists from within the underprivileged and orphan children.

He has shared the stage with eminent, internationally known dancers from around the globe, keeping alive in our thoughts his style and fundamentals of Odissi as a legendary performer. Recently, he joined hands with a UK based production house to bring about the film, Wheels of Civilization, to internationally showcase the Dhemsa folk dance of Odisha.

He is humble, gentle and a dedicated dancer with an enormous love for his motherland, Odisha and his region Sambalpur. He always wears the Sambalpuri Kurta with ethnic designs. He is a proud Odia and VARINDIA proudly introduces him as a prominent pearl in its special edition, The Crown Jewels of Odisha.

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