A popular adage ‘where there is a will there is a way’ proved true for this exceptional man. He had to fight against all odds to achieve his goal. The journey from a small village of Sambalpur district to becoming a young scientist in Germany was indeed eventful. The man who lost his mother when little, grew into a symbol of pride for his motherland. His experiences and resolve increased his empathy, and he adopted 170 odd students. He is a proud Odia and the Odisha Chief minister Naveen Patnaik was overwhelmed by emotions while mentioning him in his Independence Day speech.

He is Seshadev Kisan, his journey from rags to riches, from grazing cattle to obtaining a position in the prestigious Georg August University, in Gottingen, Germany, is immensely inspiring. Despite losing both parents early on, he never lost the hope and courage to strive for a different life. “One Goal and no substitute choice” was the success mantra of his life.

After he completed his schooling from Navodaya Vidyalaya, he was selected to the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER). Later, he did research at Georg August University School of Science (GAUSS). Kisan is a gold medallist from NISER.

His love for Odisha and his desire to do something from there, brought him back to his homeland, which he embraced over all the comforts of Germany. He has a plan to establish a medical company that will serve the people of Odisha, by addressing all locally widespread diseases and by helping educate the downtrodden children of the rurality.

‘He is an example of the strongest human values of hard work and dedication and an inspiration for all young people.’ Tweeted Naveen Patnaik, describing this man of character, and VARINDIA takes this opportunity to honour him as a rich Crown jewel of Odisha.

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