BJP’s Pallavi Dempo Emerges as Richest Candidate in LS Elections Phase 3 Chevella Candidate Vishweshwar Reddy Among Telangana’s Wealthiest

As the Lok Sabha elections enter their third phase, a striking revelation has come to light: Pallavi Shrinivas Dempo, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for South Goa, stands out as the wealthiest contender, boasting a staggering declared wealth of Rs 1,361 crore. This revelation comes from an analysis conducted by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and The National Election Watch, which disclosed that 29 percent of the 1,352 candidates contesting in this phase are ‘crorepatis’, with an average asset value of Rs 5.66 crore per candidate.

Pallavi Dempo’s affluent status surpasses that of her counterparts, including Union Minister Jyotiraditya M Scindia and Congress candidate Chhatrapati Shahu Shahaji, with declared assets of Rs 424 crore and Rs 342 crore, respectively. Her financial declaration, encompassed in a comprehensive 119-page affidavit, unveils a portfolio comprising company shareholdings, luxury residences in global hubs like Dubai and London, and diverse investments in bonds and renowned brands.

Dempo, the executive director of Dempo Industries, etched her name in BJP’s electoral history in Goa as the first woman candidate fielded by the party for Lok Sabha elections. Alongside her illustrious spouse, Shrinivas Dempo, she navigates a vast array of corporate endeavors, steering the media and real estate sectors of their conglomerate.

Beyond her corporate pursuits, Pallavi Dempo espouses a fervent commitment to social welfare and cultural enrichment, exemplified through her engagement in various philanthropic initiatives. The Dempo family’s involvement in the Rural School Adoption Programme underscores their dedication to education, while Pallavi’s leadership roles in cultural organizations amplify Goa’s cultural vibrancy on a global stage.

In the realm of academia, Pallavi Dempo’s association with Goa University’s academic council underscores her dedication to fostering educational excellence and innovation. Additionally, her contributions to women’s empowerment initiatives, exemplified through her involvement in the All India Management Association’s Women’s Council, underscore her commitment to gender parity and inclusive growth.

As the electoral battleground heats up for the third phase of Lok Sabha elections on May 7, Pallavi Dempo’s formidable presence as the wealthiest candidate in the fray underscores the intersection of wealth, power, and political ambition. Her candidacy represents not only the aspirations of the electorate but also the evolving contours of India’s electoral landscape, where financial prowess often translates into political influence and clout.

The emergence of Pallavi Dempo as the richest candidate in the Lok Sabha elections underscores broader socio-economic dynamics, where disparities in wealth and privilege intersect with political aspirations. As the electorate navigates the complexities of choosing their representatives, Dempo’s candidacy prompts reflections on the role of affluence in shaping political narratives and agendas.

Moreover, Dempo’s foray into electoral politics as a woman candidate marks a significant milestone, challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Her candidacy serves as an inspiration for women aspiring to leadership positions in politics, underscoring the importance of gender inclusivity and representation in governance.

In the coming days, as voters cast their ballots and the electoral saga unfolds, the narrative of Pallavi Dempo’s candidacy will continue to captivate attention, symbolizing the intricate interplay between wealth, power, and democracy in India’s vibrant political landscape.

K. Vishweshwar Reddy, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Chevella Lok Sabha constituency in Telangana, has emerged as one of the wealthiest contestants in the state, declaring family assets worth ₹4568 crore in an affidavit filed with election authorities. His significant holdings include 17.77 lakh shares of Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd valued at ₹973.22 crore and his wife Sangita Reddy’s 24.32 lakh shares worth ₹1500.85 crore. Sangita Reddy serves as the Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Group. Vishweshwar Reddy, who started his political journey with BRS (then TRS) and later joined Congress, unsuccessfully contested the 2019 general elections before joining the BJP.

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