Fond Farewell to Radio Maestro Ameen Sayani: Celebrating a Lifetime of Broadcasting Brilliance

The passing of veteran radio presenter Ameen Sayani at the age of 91 marks the end of an era in the world of broadcasting. Renowned for his distinctive voice and unparalleled contributions to the radio industry, Sayani leaves behind a rich legacy of national and international shows, as well as a plethora of honours and awards recognizing his immense talent and dedication.

National Radio Shows:

Binaca Geetmala: Ameen Sayani’s iconic radio countdown show, Binaca Geetmala, captured the hearts of millions across India. Beginning its broadcast in 1952 on Radio Ceylon before moving to Vividh Bharati, the show continued to enchant listeners for over 42 years, cementing Sayani’s status as a household name.

S Kumars Ka Filmi Muwaddama and Filmi Mulaqaat: These beloved programs, aired for over seven years on All India Radio (AIR) and Vividh Bharati, showcased Sayani’s exceptional interviewing skills and deep knowledge of Indian cinema.

Saridon Ke Saathi: As AIR’s first sponsored show, Saridon Ke Saathi enjoyed a successful run of nearly four years, further establishing Sayani’s reputation as a pioneer in radio broadcasting.

Bournvita Quiz Contest (English): Sayani’s takeover of this esteemed quiz show from his brother, Hamid Sayani, underscored his versatility and ability to engage audiences of all ages.

Shalimar Superlac Jodi: Aired for nearly seven years, this program highlighted Sayani’s flair for entertainment and his innate connection with his listeners.

Maratha Darbar Shows: From Sitaron Ki Pasand to Chamaktay Sitaray and Mehekti Baatein, Sayani’s Maratha Darbar shows captivated audiences with their eclectic mix of music and conversation.

International Radio Shows:

Sayani’s influence extended beyond India, with several international radio programs showcasing his talent:

Mini Insertions of Filmstar Interviews: Aired on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Ethnic Network in the UK, these interviews showcased Sayani’s ability to connect with listeners worldwide.

Music for the Millions: Broadcast on BBC’s World Service Radio, Sayani’s program introduced global audiences to the richness of Indian music.

Veetee Ka Hungama, Geetamala Ki Yaadein, Ye Bhi Changa Wo Bhi Khoob: These shows, aired in countries such as the UAE and the UK, further solidified Sayani’s status as an international radio icon.

Hangamay and Sangeet Paheli: Sayani’s programs reached audiences across the globe, from Toronto to Swaziland, demonstrating the universal appeal of his distinctive voice and engaging style.

Honours and Awards:

Throughout his illustrious career, Sayani received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Padma Shri in 2009, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Indian radio. Other notable awards include the Living Legend Award, the Kaan Hall of Fame Award, and the Golden Abby for Outstanding Radio Campaign of the Century.

Ameen Sayani’s impact on the world of broadcasting transcended borders, earning him widespread acclaim and admiration. His legacy as a pioneering radio presenter and cultural icon will continue to inspire generations to come, ensuring that his voice echoes through the annals of radio history for years to come.

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