IAS Aspirant Scammed Out of ₹1.2 Lakh After Tinder Date in New Delhi

An IAS aspirant’s search for love on Tinder turned into a nightmare in New Delhi. The young man’s attempt to find a romantic connection on the popular dating app ended in a scam that cost him ₹1.2 lakh. Unbeknownst to him, he was being drawn into a meticulously planned con targeting single men.

The Tinder Match

According to the Delhi Police, the victim matched with a woman named Versha on Tinder. She invited him to Black Mirror Café in East Delhi’s Vikas Marg to celebrate her birthday. The unsuspecting man agreed, looking forward to a pleasant evening.

The Café Encounter

At the café, Versha ordered some snacks, two cakes, and four shots of a non-alcoholic beverage. The date seemed to be going well until Versha received an urgent phone call about a family emergency. She left in a hurry, leaving the man to finish the food alone. When he asked for the bill, he was shocked to see a charge of ₹1,21,917.70 for what should have been a modest meal.

The Threat and Payment

The victim, stunned by the outrageous bill, tried to dispute the charges. However, he was threatened and physically assaulted, forcing him to pay the amount online. The payment went directly to the café’s owner, Akshay Pahwa. Fearing for his safety, the victim complied and then immediately went to the police to report the incident.

The Scam Uncovered

During the investigation, Akshay, who had only completed his education up to Class 10, disclosed the scam’s details. He revealed that the café was part of a larger scheme to defraud men using dating apps. Versha, also known by several aliases like Ayesha, Noor, and Afsan Parveen, played a central role in luring men into the trap.

Modus Operandi of the Scam

Versha was tracked down while on another date with a man from Mumbai she had met on Shaadi.com. She admitted to the police that she would entice men on dating and matrimonial apps, invite them to a date, and then abruptly leave citing a family emergency. The unsuspecting date would then be handed an exorbitant bill and coerced into paying.

The scam’s proceeds were split as follows: Versha received 15%, 45% was shared among the café staff, and the remaining 40% went to the café owners. This scheme had been used to exploit numerous victims in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Ongoing Investigations

The Delhi Police are now working to apprehend other members of the scam operation. They have issued warnings to the public about such fraudulent activities and urged caution when using dating and matrimonial apps.

(With inputs from agencies)

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