Israeli Forces Eliminate Senior Hamas Sniper Responsible for Deadly Attacks

Hamas sniper killed in “precise and targeted” strike by Israel

·       No civilians were reported injured in Gaza strike

·       1,189 people had died in Oct 7 attack by Hamas in southern Israel

In a targeted precision strike, Israeli forces have eliminated Ahmed Hassan Salame Alsauarka, a senior Hamas commander known for his leadership in the Nukhba Forces, a unit specializing in coordinated attacks against Israel. Alsauarka played a significant role in the October 7 massacre, which claimed the lives of 1,189 people in southern Israel.

The operation, conducted by the Israeli Air Force based on intelligence from the IDF and Israel Security Agency (ISA), successfully struck Alsauarka in the Beit Hanoun area of northern Gaza. Video footage released by the IDF depicts a precise airstrike that resulted in his immediate neutralization. Despite the intensity of the strike, no civilian casualties were reported, as the IDF took extensive precautions to minimize collateral damage.

Ahmed Alsauarka was not only a commander in the Nukhba Forces but also directly involved in directing sniper activities and orchestrating attacks against Israeli troops. His elimination marks a significant blow to Hamas’ operational capabilities in Gaza.

Following this successful operation, Israeli military efforts have intensified in central Gaza, focusing on eliminating immediate threats and dismantling terrorist infrastructure. Recent actions include the destruction of a mortar shell launch site used to target Israeli troops and the neutralization of two other terrorists posing direct threats.

Currently, IDF operations in the Rafah area involve close-quarters combat aimed at rooting out terrorists and locating rocket launchers used in specific raids. Throughout these operations, the IDF maintains its commitment to conducting precise and intelligence-based missions to minimize civilian casualties while effectively neutralizing terrorist threats.

The elimination of Ahmed Hassan Salame Alsauarka underscores Israel’s ongoing strategy of targeted strikes against high-value terrorist operatives responsible for significant acts of violence against Israeli civilians and soldiers. As tensions persist, the IDF remains vigilant in its efforts to ensure the security and safety of Israeli communities, utilizing both defensive measures and proactive operations to thwart terrorist aggression.

(With inputs from agencies)

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