Massive Cash Haul Unveiled in Ranchi Raids: Minister’s Secretary’s Associate under ED Scrutiny

Enforcement Directorate’s Extensive Raids:

Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, becomes the epicenter of a sprawling operation conducted by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) under the auspices of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). The ED’s Monday crackdown spans multiple locations, resulting in the discovery of substantial amounts of cash.

Cash Cache Linked to Minister’s Secretary’s Associate:

The raids yield an astonishing Rs 20 crore in cash, primarily found at the residence of an individual associated with Sanjeev Lal, the personal secretary to Jharkhand Rural Development Minister, Alamgir Alam. Alam, a senior Congress leader, represents the Pakur seat in the Jharkhand assembly.

Minister’s Reaction and Ongoing Counting:

Alamgir Alam expresses surprise at the developments, claiming he was unaware of the raids until informed by the media. Currency notes, predominantly in Rs 500 denominations, and a collection of jewelry are among the items seized, with counting procedures currently underway.

Expanded Probe Targets Prominent Figures:

The ED’s focus extends beyond Lal’s associate, with suspended chief engineer Virendra Ram and his associates also falling under scrutiny. Ram faces allegations of amassing assets valued at Rs 100 crore, with purported links to various Jharkhand politicians.

Political Ramifications and Calls for Action:

The revelations from the raids prompt concerns about entrenched corruption within Jharkhand’s political sphere, particularly as elections loom on the horizon. Pratul Shahdev, spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), advocates for swift intervention from the Election Commission to address the issue comprehensively.

Synchronized Operations Across Multiple Locations:

The ED’s operations unfold simultaneously at nine distinct locations, encompassing areas such as Sail City in Ranchi. Notable among the targets is Vikas Kumar, an engineer affiliated with the Road Construction Department, whose whereabouts are being sought by one of the ED teams.

Allegations and Fallout:

Amidst the chaos of the raids, accusations emerge implicating Sanjeev Lal as a central figure in the alleged corruption plaguing the Jharkhand government. Such claims cast a shadow over Alamgir Alam’s political reputation and his ties to the Congress party, adding to the turmoil generated by the ED’s revelations. In essence, the ED’s sweeping actions in Ranchi serve as a stark reminder of the pervasive nature of corruption within the corridors of power, prompting urgent calls for accountability and reform in Jharkhand’s political landscape.

(With inputs from agencies)

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