Massive Multi-Million Dollar Gold and Cash Heist Unveiled: Indian-Origin Duo Among 6 Apprehended

In a seismic development that reverberated across law enforcement agencies, the unravelling of Canada’s most monumental gold heist at Toronto’s bustling Pearson International Airport last year culminated in the apprehension of six individuals, with at least two of Indian origin among them. Peel Regional Police (PRP) disclosed the arrests and divulged the issuance of warrants for three additional suspects, thrusting the investigation into a labyrinth of criminal networks and international intrigue.

The audacious heist, which unfolded on April 17, 2023, stands as a testament to the meticulous planning and brazen execution orchestrated by a well-coordinated criminal syndicate. Perpetrators orchestrated the theft of a cargo container housing an astronomical sum exceeding 22 million Canadian dollars’ worth of gold bars and foreign currency from a supposedly impregnable secure storage facility at the airport. Revelations emerged implicating former Air Canada employees in the elaborate robbery, underscoring the sinister collusion that underpinned the audacious act.

Among those ensnared in the expansive investigation are Parmpal Sidhu, 54, and Amit Jalota, 40, both residents of Ontario and tracing their ancestry back to India, alongside Ammad Chaudhary, 43, Ali Raza, 37, and Prasath Paramalingam, 35. Meanwhile, Durante King-Mclean, a 25-year-old from Brampton, finds himself detained in the United States on unrelated charges related to firearms trafficking, further deepening the intricate narrative surrounding the sprawling heist.

The arrests, hailed as a watershed moment in the relentless pursuit of justice, come after an exhaustive and painstaking probe that traversed international borders and navigated through a labyrinth of criminal networks. Peel Regional Police, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), made significant headway in unearthing the intricate layers of criminality that underpinned the audacious robbery.

In a staggering twist, ATF’s arrest of an individual in the United States yielded a startling cache of illegal firearms, underscoring the sinister underbelly of criminal enterprises that transcend geographical boundaries. Peel Regional Police, in a statement, detailed the seizure of one kilogram of gold, believed to be connected to the theft, alongside smelting equipment and approximately 434,000 Canadian dollars in currency, further highlighting the scale and sophistication of the criminal operation.

Peel Regional Police Chief, Nishan Duraiappah, commended the tireless efforts of investigators and law enforcement partners in unravelling the complexities of the case, acknowledging the heightened impact and interest the incident had elicited within the community. As the investigation continues to unfold, PRP remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring accountability and justice for those affected by the audacious heist that rocked the nation to its core.

In the latest development, lead investigator Detective Sgt. Mike Mavity shed light on the pivotal role played by individuals within Air Canada, emphasizing the indispensable need for insiders to facilitate the seamless execution of the meticulously planned heist. As the investigation progresses, authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of justice, determined to dismantle criminal networks and safeguard the integrity of Canada’s security apparatus.

(With inputs from agencies)

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