Odisha CM Announces Major Push for Odia Language and Culture

Government Work to Be Conducted in Odia

Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Majhi, after assuming office at Loka Seva Bhawan in Bhubaneswar, announced significant initiatives to promote the Odia language and culture. Emphasizing the importance of cultural preservation, he declared that all government operations would henceforth be conducted in the Odia language.

Formation of Language Commission

CM Majhi stated that a dedicated commission would be established to promote and preserve the Odia language. He highlighted that, if necessary, the Odisha Official Language Act would be amended to ensure the widespread use of Odia in government activities.

Establishment of Odia Asmita Bhawan

In a bid to further cultural development, the Chief Minister announced the creation of the Odia Asmita Bhawan, a hub for cultural and literary activities. He also revealed plans to revitalize the Odissi Research Centre to encourage quality research on Odia heritage and identity.

Translation Academy and Reconstitution of Institutions

Majhi outlined the establishment of a Translation Academy aimed at promoting Odia language and literature. He also mentioned that the Lalit Kala Akademi would be reconstituted to support the arts, while efforts would be made to increase reading habits and expand the library movement across the state.

Cultural Promotion at District Level

The Chief Minister announced the setup of Samanwita Sanskruti Bhawan in every district to promote local art and culture. He emphasized the government’s commitment to appointing Odia teachers in high schools and accelerating projects like the Paika Academy and Memorial in Barunei.

Focus on Heritage Sites

Majhi reaffirmed his government’s dedication to the preservation and promotion of various heritage sites throughout Odisha. He assured that these initiatives are part of a broader commitment to enhancing both material and cultural development in the state.

With these announcements, CM Majhi has set a strong foundation for the promotion of Odia language and culture, ensuring that it remains a vibrant and integral part of the state’s identity.

(With inputs from agencies)

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