Odisha to Receive 400 Electric Buses from Centre; ‘Mo Bus’ to be Renamed, Announces Minister

Odisha’s Urban Development Minister, Krushna Chandra Mahapatra, has announced that the popular ‘Mo Bus’ service will soon be renamed to better reflect the government’s focus on community and collective ownership. The new name under consideration is ‘Ama Bus’, translating to ‘Our Bus’. “Our government serves the people, and it will be fitting to rename ‘Mo Bus’ to ‘Ama Bus’ to emphasize this commitment,” Mahapatra stated.

The Minister, who recently took a ride on a ‘Mo Bus’ from Master Canteen Square to Press Chhak in Bhubaneswar, interacted with passengers and staff to understand their concerns and feedback. Mahapatra highlighted that while the current service has been satisfactory, there is a pressing need for more buses to meet public demand.

System Overhaul and Expansion Plans

Mahapatra mentioned that the current operational system of the ‘Mo Bus’ service will undergo significant changes. Following a thorough discussion with the Chief Minister, there will be modifications not only to the service name but also to the bus colors, aligning with the new branding and operational improvements.

In response to the public’s demand for more buses, Mahapatra confirmed that the service will not only continue but will also expand significantly. He revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sanctioned 400 new electric buses for Odisha, which will be deployed soon. Among these, 100 buses will serve the Cuttack and Bhubaneswar regions, while the remaining buses will be distributed to other cities across the state.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Mahapatra emphasized the importance of safe and efficient bus operations. He has already initiated discussions with relevant authorities to ensure careful driving and to prevent theft on the buses, thus enhancing the overall quality and safety of the service.

In a recent development, the state’s LAccMI scheme has been renamed as ‘Mukhyamantri Bus Seva’, reflecting a broader initiative to improve public transportation and services across Odisha. The renaming of ‘Mo Bus’ to ‘Ama Bus’ is part of this ongoing effort to make public services more inclusive and accessible.

(With inputs from agencies)

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