Political Clearance Absence Raises Eyebrows: Prajwal Revanna’s Germany Visit Amid Sex Scandal Controversy

In the midst of swirling allegations implicating Janata Dal (Secular) MP Prajwal Revanna in a disturbing sex scandal, a new chapter unfolds with revelations about his recent, unapproved trip to Germany. The Ministry of External Affairs disclosed that Revanna embarked on this overseas journey wielding a diplomatic passport, yet conspicuously absent was the requisite political clearance, setting off a tempest of scrutiny and conjecture.

Hailing from a distinguished political lineage as the grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda and nephew of former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, Prajwal Revanna finds himself suspended from his party amidst the maelstrom of controversy spawned by circulating videos allegedly depicting him engaging in sexual misconduct with multiple women. Departing for Germany immediately after the conclusion of Lok Sabha elections in his Hassan constituency, Revanna’s overseas excursion has not gone unnoticed.

During a detailed press briefing, MEA Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal reiterated that neither was political clearance sought nor granted for Revanna’s sojourn to Germany. Furthermore, the Ministry clarified that diplomatic passport holders, like Revanna, do not require a visa for travel to Germany. These revelations have triggered Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to implore Prime Minister Narendra Modi to nullify Revanna’s diplomatic passport and expedite his return to India for further scrutiny.

However, the potential revocation of Revanna’s passport hinges on the issuance of court directives pursuant to the Passport Act of 1967. As of the present moment, no such directives have been forthcoming. Meanwhile, Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara has underscored Revanna’s obligation to extend full cooperation to the Special Investigation Team probing the sex scandal, hinting at potential repercussions if he fails to comply.

The absence of political clearance for Revanna’s Germany visit has further enflamed the already charged political landscape. The Congress, Janata Dal (Secular), and Bharatiya Janata Party are embroiled in a bitter and acrimonious exchange of accusations, further complicating an already convoluted situation.

This unfolding saga underscores the intricate interplay between politics and personal conduct, raising pertinent questions about accountability, ethical governance, and the integrity of public officials. Revanna’s unapproved Germany trip, undertaken amidst allegations of grave misconduct, adds a fresh layer of complexity to an ongoing saga, amplifying calls for swift and decisive action to address the serious allegations against him.

(With inputs from agencies)

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