Prime Minister Modi Unveils Ambitious Development Projects in North East India

  • Inauguration of Sela Tunnel Marks a Milestone in Connectivity and Development
  • Empowering Border Villages: A Paradigm Shift in Governance
  • UNNATI Scheme: Pioneering Industrial Transformation in North East
  • Infrastructure Development: Paving the Way for Progress
  • Multipurpose Hydropower Project: Driving Sustainable Development
  • Holistic Development Initiatives: Education, Connectivity, and Healthcare
  • Regional Impact: Unveiling a Tapestry of Development
  • A Visionary Leap Towards Progress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has embarked on a transformative journey towards bolstering development and connectivity in the northeastern region of India. The inauguration of the world’s longest twin-lane ‘Sela Tunnel’ stands as a testament to this commitment. Accompanied by several other significant initiatives, the unveiling of the Sela Tunnel project marks a monumental stride towards enhancing accessibility and fostering economic growth in Arunachal Pradesh.

Addressing the gathering at the ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit Northeast’ program in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, PM Modi reiterated his dedication to prioritizing the development of border villages. He emphasized a departure from the neglect of past administrations, asserting that every village, particularly those on the nation’s borders, deserves attention and investment. The launch of the Vibrant Village Programme underscores the government’s commitment to holistic development across all regions.

A pivotal moment in the economic landscape of the North East, the launch of the UNNATI (Uttar Poorva Transformative Industrialization Scheme) promises to revolutionize the industrial ecosystem. With a substantial investment of Rs. 10,000 crore, this scheme aims to attract investments, promote entrepreneurship, and generate employment opportunities across the eight North Eastern States. Its comprehensive incentives and transparent registration process herald a new era of industrial growth and prosperity in the region.

The Sela Tunnel project, constructed at a cost of approximately Rs. 825 crore, exemplifies engineering excellence and strategic foresight. Facilitating all-weather connectivity to Tawang, it not only enhances transportation efficiency but also holds immense strategic significance for the nation. Additionally, the inauguration and foundation stone laying of various other projects totaling over Rs. 41,000 crore underscore the government’s unwavering commitment to infrastructure development in Arunachal Pradesh.

Among the projects inaugurated, the Dibang Multipurpose Hydropower Project stands out as a beacon of sustainable development. With an estimated cost exceeding Rs. 31,875 crore, it promises to be a catalyst for economic growth, flood moderation, and employment creation in the region. Its significance extends beyond energy generation, contributing to the holistic development of Arunachal Pradesh and neighboring areas.

The government’s focus on holistic development is evident through initiatives such as the upgradation of schools, expansion of road networks, and enhancement of healthcare infrastructure. The transformation of schools into 50 Golden Jubilee schools, coupled with the improvement of connectivity and healthcare facilities, reflects a comprehensive approach towards nurturing human capital and fostering inclusive growth.

Beyond Arunachal Pradesh, the Prime Minister’s visit has catalyzed development across Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura. Inaugurating and laying the foundation stone for numerous projects worth billions of rupees, PM Modi has underscored the government’s commitment to equitable growth and prosperity across the North East.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the North East heralds a new era of development, connectivity, and prosperity. Through strategic investments, visionary policies, and unwavering dedication, the government aims to transform the region into a vibrant hub of economic activity and inclusive growth. As the nation marches forward on the path of progress, the North East emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity, empowered to realize its true potential on the global stage.

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