Rahul Gandhi Sparks Uproar in Lok Sabha: Challenges RSS, BJP, and PM Modi

On Monday, Rahul Gandhi, the Leader of the Opposition, launched a scathing attack on the ruling BJP in the Lok Sabha. He accused those identifying as Hindus of perpetuating “violence and hate” round the clock. This remark triggered significant protests from the treasury benches, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizing that labeling the entire Hindu society as violent is a grave accusation.

Clarification and Defense

Gandhi quickly clarified that his comments were specifically directed at the BJP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and Prime Minister Modi, not at the entire Hindu community. He argued that these entities do not represent all Hindus. To reinforce his point, Gandhi showed a picture of Lord Shiva, highlighting his message of fearlessness and non-violence. He also cited teachings from various religions to support his stance.

Demands for Apology

The display of the picture and Gandhi’s remarks provoked a strong reaction from the ruling party members. Home Minister Amit Shah demanded that Gandhi apologize to the House and the nation for hurting the sentiments of millions who take pride in their Hindu identity. Shah accused Gandhi of having no moral ground to discuss non-violence, given the Congress party’s history, referencing the Emergency and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

Emphasis on Religious Teachings

Gandhi underscored that all religions, including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, advocate for courage and fearlessness. He accused the BJP of systematically attacking the Constitution and the fundamental principles of India, asserting that millions of people oppose the ideologies promoted by the ruling party.

Personal Attacks and Allegations

Rahul Gandhi further alleged that he has been personally targeted on the orders of Prime Minister Modi. He cited over 20 legal cases against him, the loss of his home, and 55 hours of interrogation by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) as examples of the persecution he has faced. Despite these challenges, Gandhi expressed pride in the collective effort to protect the Constitution. He noted with satisfaction that BJP members are now echoing his slogan “Jai Samvidhan” (Hail the Constitution).

Commitment to Truth and Opposition

Gandhi expressed his contentment with his role in the opposition. “I am happy and proud to be in the opposition. For us, there is something more important than power—it is the truth,” he declared. He reiterated that all religions, including Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism, emphasize the importance of courage and fearlessness.

Controversial Display and Speaker’s Intervention

During his speech, Gandhi displayed a picture of Lord Shiva, which led Speaker Om Birla to remind him of the rules prohibiting the display of placards in the House. Despite the interruptions and calls for an apology, Gandhi stood firm on his assertions and continued to challenge the BJP’s approach and policies.

Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Lok Sabha created significant tension and highlighted the deep divisions between the opposition and the ruling party. His remarks and the subsequent reactions underline the contentious political atmosphere in India, where issues of religion, governance, and personal freedoms continue to provoke intense debate and division.

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