The COVID 19 pandemic has been a testament to the survival spirit of the world and human kind. All the socio-economic storms have only strengthened the resolve of our civilization to recover itself from beneath rubbles of tragedy. People with a fire for change from all across the world stepped out to aid fellow humans in every possible way. An actor by profession, this man aided thousands including students, women, and migrants who were stranded in other states, by providing them with medication, ration and transport alongside various other prompt forms of help. His services were meant for the goal of recovery rather than a popular public footage. This person won the hearts of millions and earned the title of Outlook Person of the Year award for his noble deeds. Odisha born migrant doctors from across the globe united into the ‘Odisha Doctors’ International Association -ODIA, to serve the distressed millions, spearheaded by him among others.

This inspirational personality is Mr. Sabyasachi Mishra. Alongside entertaining people through blockbuster hits, he dedicates himself to social work during times of unprecedented crises. It is worth mentioning how, during the nationwide lockdown, several women in an emergency to deliver, reached out to him through diverse informal channels and were responded to promptly by being taken to the hospital and being connected with the nearest NGOs and police. Besides, he helped people reconnect with their families, and many deceased family members to be traced and brought back.

A B. Tech in education, actor by vocation and humanist by passion, Mr Sabyasachi is considered as a jewel in this humble token of appreciation from VARINDIA in its Crown Jewels of Odisha edition.

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