Arvind Kejriwal Set to Unveil Major Revelation as Enforcement Directorate Custody Ends

Amidst the culmination of his stint in Enforcement Directorate custody, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is poised to make a significant disclosure today regarding the alleged Delhi liquor policy scandal, as affirmed by his wife. Here are 10 key insights into this unfolding saga:

ED Custody Ends: Kejriwal, ensnared in an alleged money-laundering imbroglio connected to the defunct Delhi liquor policy, faces the conclusion of his ED custody today. Speculations are rife that an extension may be sought by the probing agency.

Lock-up Sojourn: The Chief Minister finds himself confined to the precincts of the probe agency’s Delhi office during his custody period.

Legal Maneuvers: Despite Kejriwal’s efforts to challenge the arrest, the Delhi High Court rebuffed his plea, granting the ED time until April 2 to substantiate their case against him.

Dubious Policy Profit Margins: The ED alleges that the erstwhile liquor policy fostered exorbitant profit margins, with a staggering 185% for retailers and 12% for wholesalers, a portion of which purportedly fuelled electoral campaigns in Goa and Punjab.

Anticipated Revelation: Sunita Kejriwal, the CM’s spouse, asserts that Kejriwal will divulge pivotal information about the purported liquor scam, hinting at uncovering the trail of illicit funds.

Political Ramifications: Mrs. Kejriwal also lambasted the BJP for their attacks on her husband, who, despite incarceration, continues to steer the AAP administration and recently issued directives to ministers.

Resilient Governance: AAP remains resolute in affirming Kejriwal’s continuity as Delhi’s Chief Minister, underscoring his ability to discharge duties even from behind bars, evident in recent administrative decrees issued from his temporary detention.

Opposition Ire: BJP leaders have intensified their agitation, clamoring for Kejriwal’s resignation through protests across Delhi, underscoring the escalating political strife surrounding the controversy.

International Scrutiny: The arrest has not gone unnoticed on the global stage, with countries like the US and Germany urging India to ensure a fair and transparent investigation into the unfolding saga.

As the curtains draw on Kejriwal’s custodial tenure, the anticipation surrounding his forthcoming revelation looms large, promising to usher in new twists to a narrative fraught with political intrigue and legal scrutiny.

(With inputs from agencies)

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