Mohan Majhi Takes the Reins: Odisha’s First BJP Chief Minister, Pravati Parida Set to Be Deputy CM

In a significant political development, Mohan Charan Majhi has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Odisha by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), ending weeks of speculation. This announcement came following the BJP legislature party meeting held in Bhubaneswar, where Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh declared Majhi’s ascension to the state’s highest office. Alongside him, KV Singh Deo and Pravati Parida are set to assume roles as Deputy Chief Ministers, marking a historic moment in Odisha’s political landscape.

Mohan Charan Majhi’s journey to the Chief Minister’s office is marked by a series of electoral victories and a steadfast commitment to public service. Born and raised in Odisha, Majhi’s political career took root in grassroots activism and community leadership. His recent victory in the Keonjhar Assembly seat, securing over 87,000 votes and defeating his opponent by a significant margin, is a testament to his popularity and the trust placed in him by the electorate.

The Keonjhar constituency, known for its tribal demographics, holds particular significance for Majhi, who himself hails from the tribal community. His upbringing and experiences have shaped his vision for inclusive development and empowerment, with a focus on addressing the needs of marginalized communities across the state.

Here are the key aspects to know about Pravati Parida:

·       Prior to his elevation as Chief Minister, Majhi’s contributions within the BJP have been noteworthy.

·       He has held key positions within the party, including Secretary of the State Tribal Committee and Chief Whip in the last Assembly.

·       Commencing his career as a teacher at Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Majhi’s foray into politics began with his tenure as a Sarpanch from 1997 to 2000.

·       He steadily climbed the ranks within the party and established himself as a formidable leader known for his integrity, dedication, and tireless work ethic.

Accompanying Majhi in the deputy chief ministerial roles is Pravati Parida, a formidable BJP leader from Nimapara. Parida’s victory in the assembly constituency is significant, making her a first-time MLA. A legal professional by training, she completed her LLB from Bhubaneswar’s Utkal University and enrolled as an advocate in the Odisha High Court before venturing into politics. Her journey within the BJP began with her role as the women’s wing president in Odisha, demonstrating her organizational prowess and commitment to the party’s ideals.

Pravati Parida’s victory in Nimapara comes after multiple attempts in previous elections, underscoring her perseverance and determination. Overcoming formidable opponents, she secured victory by a margin of 4,588 votes, positioning her as a prominent figure in Odisha’s political landscape. Notably, her appointment as Deputy Chief Minister marks a significant milestone as she becomes the first female to hold this position in the state.

Here are five key aspects to know about Pravati Parida:

·       Parida won the Nimapara constituency in the Odisha Assembly elections, marking her debut as a legislator.

·       A legal professional by training, Parida completed her LLB from Utkal University before practicing law in the Odisha High Court.

·       After joining the BJP, Parida served as the president of the party’s women’s wing in Odisha, showcasing her leadership abilities.

·       Parida is married to Shyam Sundar Nayak, a former government employee, reflecting her roots within the community.

·       Despite facing defeats in previous elections, Parida’s determination and resilience led to her triumph in the 2024 polls, solidifying her position within the party and the government.

The appointments of Mohan Majhi as Chief Minister and Pravati Parida as Deputy Chief Minister mark a new chapter in Odisha’s political history, promising leadership that is representative, capable, and committed to the welfare of the people. As they assume their respective roles, the people of Odisha look forward to a future marked by progress, inclusivity, and prosperity under their dynamic leadership.

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